Omnidirectionally Surrounded By The Light Of A Septillion Suns
An Interconnected Swirling Vortex Of Dancing Energies
As Old As Time Itself
Raining On Off Through And As Us
For Ever And Ever
Amen! :)

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Please Join Me In Celebrating Our Awareness
And Our Continuing
Collective Pursuit
Of Deeper Understanding...

For Delores

A Tribute Work to a lost Husband and Son for a Good Friend.

Another for a recently passed Mother.

For Gerard

The Message Is:
Love And Forgiveness

The Message Is:
The Golden Rule

The Message Is:
Infinite Gratitude To All Things Past
Infinite Service To All Things Present
Infinite Responsibility To All Things Future

The Message Is:

Omnidirectionally Surrounded By The Light Of A Septillion Suns


Compassionate, Caring, Calm, Cool, Collected And Connected
To All Life On Earth!
To All Life In Our Galaxy!
To All Life In Every Galaxy!
To All Life In Our Universe!!!
Connected To Everything!!!!!!

Universally Centered
Respectfully Responsible
Unitedly Aware
Collectively Alive

The All In The One And The ONE IN THE ALL!

Image of TV Headed Little Angel by Mark Frazzini

I Am Atomic Molecular Cellular Organic Collective

My Influences


It wasn't until after I graduated from college that my Education truly began. Ken Wilber, Alan Watts, Alex Grey, and Carl Sagan were some of the first Teachers to ever really get through, and they kick started a Passion for expanding my Awareness that, luckily, seems never ending.

Now looking back on more than 20 years of Eager Study, so many Artists, Musicians, Philosophers, Scientists, and other Divine Teachers deserve my Humble Thanks, as well as my Joyously Sharing Them All With You!

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Drawing, painting, stained glass, poetry, guitar, philosophy and more, I seem to have a fundamental need to be Creative in as many ways as I can find...

Image of Jack Star by Mark Frazzini

This image was created almost entirely with my nephew's initials, JTC, and concentric circles of his first name, Jack. It attempts to illustrate the ever-meshing electromagnetic waves that radiate out from a Star like our Sun.

Image of Liquid Mount of The Cunninghams by Mark Frazzini

My Friend Xavier Nuez helped me create this liquid-mount beauty. A 2ft x 2ft print sandwiched between two thick sheets of plexiglass. Made entirely from shapes created using my sister and her husband's initials :)

Image of Three In We 1 by Mark Frazzini

This drawing was created with a ballpoint pen and many hours of delicate cross-hatching. This may be my favorite drawing. However, I am admitedly Obsessed with Spiraling Forms, so that makes me Extremely Biased!

Image of Wavering Image by Mark Frazzini

This painting was created by allowing very watery acrylic paint to absorb into thick 400lb Arches watercolor "paper". The more thin layers of color, the brighter the image becomes. The line-work is done with a mechanical pencil sealed over with watery red paint.

The plan was easy: reduce the image down to simple intersecting waves of alternating colors. The result: a Rorschach test ripe with imagery.

I see animals of all kinds hiding in these lines :)

Image of Our Cup Overflows by Mark Frazzini

Like many of my drawings it was born in a fury of almost mindlessly quick sweeping circular scribbles that slowly suggested more permanent forms.

I rarely set out to create a specific image or theme as I draw. This frees the subject matter up from my deliberate conscious control and allows my subconscious to reveal itself through a (more or less) "mindless" initial creative process.

This drawing feverishly started in the upper left where my scribbles quickly turned into an arm, a cup, a face, some hands, and the suggestion of a belly. After working in a little detail to better establish some intent, I dashed in a rough spiral in the lower right to start to balance out the composition. As I did this the spiraling form next to the outline of the belly suggested an elephant to me, so I quickly sketched in some eyes, an ear, and a mouth to reinforce this instinct. Obviously my creature needed some legs to move about and what better way to avoid the difficulty of drawing feet than by stuffing them into slippers! The last to appear on the scene was the little birdie out of some stray scribbles and a need for compositional balance.

After the basic scene was established, the race was on to clean up most of the traces of sketchy beginnings, by carefully crosshatching chiaroscuro gradation where once there was mostly scribbled chaos. Drawing in pencil gives me even greater opportunity for initial carelessness thanks to the joy of erasing :)

As this drawing slowly refined, so did my understanding of what was created: I saw a man eagerly chugging from the cup of life, pretending to be a Godsend, ever married to the Word, but foundationally still an animal, slave to his carnal desire. I saw a wise old bird just getting noticed, singing the song of life, warning not to drink too much too quickly, not to want too much too long, perching calmly, awaiting our Collective Fate...

Some Of My VERY TALENTED Friends and Family:

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One People Image

Through Tearstained And Starving Eyes

If you look carefully at the sky at night
You might see a red shimmering light
That guides the way to a granite swamp
Where the Devil's hooves stomp click-itty-clomp
There, souls are sold and deals are made
And billions of lives are put to the blade
Extinctions accelerate us quick to our doom
As smoke chokes the air in our deregulated gloom
The waters turn black and the fields a rotten brown
Whether there's a democrat or republican in town
The coward's bank accounts full and bursting with lies
That they cackle and laugh should be of no surprise
At the health and happiness of the many they scoff
So long as a few rich white folks get to perpetually golf
Their yachts and their jets all polished with glee
By some poorly paid disheveled economic refugee
Their communities gated and armed to the teeth
Manufactured white smiles hide the rot beneath
Their appetites never full their needs never met
An Appetite for Destruction, on that you can bet!
The forests shall fall, the mountains will crumble
Fresh waters dry up and civility tumble
All so a few can gold-guild their lives
While the rest of us gaze through tearstained and starving eyes

The heartless have won when empathy dies
And compassion is buried with hate on the rise
Their days must be numbered if we're to survive
One Planet One People One Goal on this we will Thrive
It's unity of Life that shall set us all free
Together, not alone our One True Reality
The Lies that they peddle of hatred and fear
Must be faithfully confronted until it is clear
Their power is waning, our Love grows ever strong
Together, United stands this Invincible throng
No tyrant shall succeed with us holding tight
The power of community an invigorating sight
With hearts open wide and arms interlocked
The mighty shall fall their ideas all mocked
A new dawn is rising to light a kinder way
When the two sides united can faithfully say
I'll Love you no matter what games we play,
And with you I'll be until our dying day.

One Child Is Too Many


A work in progress. A Warning that we have but one Earth and our Precious Cosmic Pearl won't suffer our Environmental Ignorance much longer!

If we are incapable of learning from our past, we will have no future.

Must our politics continually be a Faustian Bargain between two equally Unpalatable and Destructive capitalist "options"? #SocialDarwinismIsALie #TheDevilWithinUs #TogetherNotAlone

Steve Ganon Bannon

lowest of the Low

I think capitalism Sucks because it values the Valueless and devalues the Invaluable.